Metalink ID that I come across:


High “Latch Free” Waits with Contention on ‘Result Cache: RC Latch’ when RESULT_CACHE_MODE = MANUAL on Oracle 12c (Doc ID 2002089.1)

Automatic Dynamic Statistics (Doc ID 2002108.1)

Bug 20370037 – Shared Pool from KGLH0 constantly growing causing ORA-04031 and Latch contention [2119923.1]

Multiple Log Writers in 12c Causing Enabling and Disabling of Adaptive Scalable Log Writer Workers Which Cause High ‘log file sync’ Wait Event (Doc ID 2174075.1)

How to Delete Unwanted Incremental Partition Statistics Synopsis Information From WRI$_OPTSTAT_SYNOPSIS$ in the SYSAUX Tablespace (Doc ID 1953961.1)


=>Using Parallel Execution (Doc ID 203238.1)

=> Export/Import DataPump Parameter TRACE – How to Diagnose Oracle Data Pump (Doc ID 286496.1)

=>Temporary Segments In Permanent Tablespaces Aren’t Cleaned For A Long Time (Doc ID 1271120.1)

=> Quick Reference to Patch Numbers for Database PSU, SPU(CPU), Bundle Patches and Patchsets (Doc ID 1454618.1)

=>How To Use Automatic Shared Memory Management (ASMM) In Oracle10g -(Doc ID 295626.1)

=>Document TitleOracle Database 10g Automated SGA Memory Tuning (Doc ID 257643.1)

=> Document TitleHow to Change DBSNMP Password in Database 10g and 11g Monitored by DB Control (Doc ID 259387.1)

=> Document TitleHow To Change the Password of the Database User Sysman (DB Control Repository Schema) (Doc ID 259379.1)

=>Why Is The Row Source Operation Missing From The TKProf Output ? (Doc ID 462913.1)

=> 960216.1-Segment creation deferred

=>427939.1-System Statistics: How to gather system stats for a particular batch of work (Doc ID 427939.1)

=> 296727.1-INDEX prefetching scattered read in index range scan

=>465177.1 => Error “java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: oracle.i18n.text.converter.CharacterConverterOGS.getInstance”

=> Document TitleDiagnosing and Resolving ORA-4030 errors (Doc ID 233869.1)

{=> Changing the Database Character Set ( NLS_CHARACTERSET ) [ID 225912.1]

=>The National Character Set ( NLS_NCHAR_CHARACTERSET ) in Oracle 9i, 10g and 11g [ID 276914.1]

=>Installing and configuring Csscan in 10g and 11g (Database Character Set Scanner) [ID 745809.1]
Csscan output explained [ID 444701.1]
=>How To : How To Find What Objects Are Keeping Catalog And Catproc In Dba_Registry Invalid{578841.1}
=> 1173433.1 – How to Install Oracle 10gR2 on MS Windows 7/Windows 2008R2

=>294350.1- OCI.dll usage while applying the patch
=>Troubleshooting Guide for ORA-12500: TNS:listener failed to start a dedicated server process [ID 555448.1]

=>What is the Maximum Datafile Size Limit In an Oracle Database? [ID 804733.1]
=> Solving Convertible or Lossy data in Data Dictionary objects reported by Csscan when changing the NLS_CHARACTERSET [ID 258904.1]

=> Oracle Database Upgrade Path Reference List [ID 730365.1]
=> Master Note for Oracle XML Database (XDB) Install / Deinstall (Doc ID 1292089.1)

=>Diagnosing and Resolving ORA-4030 errors (Doc ID 233869.1)

=> Downloading 9i, 10g, and 11g database software media (Doc ID 1476075.1)

=>Script to investigate a b-tree index structure (Doc ID 989186.1)

=> How To Avoid ORA-04030/ORA-12500 In 32-bit Windows Environment [Video] (Doc ID 373602.1)

=>Diagnosing and Resolving ORA-4030 errors (Doc ID 233869.1)

=>ORA-27300 ORA-27301 ORA-27302 in alert log. Cannot connect to database. (Doc ID 371074.1)
=>”ld: warning: symbol `_start’ has differing types:” While Installing or Patching 11gR2 or 11gR1 on Oracle Solaris (Doc ID 1446945.1)

=>ORA-01401 / ORA-12899 / ORA-01461 While Importing Or Loading Data In An AL32UTF8 / UTF8 (Unicode) Or Other Multibyte NLS_CHARACTERSET Database. (Doc ID 1297961.1)

=> Examples and limits of BYTE and CHAR semantics usage (NLS_LENGTH_SEMANTICS) (Doc ID 144808.1)

=>How to Format Corrupted Block Not Part of Any Segment (Doc ID 336133.1)

=>Handling Oracle Block Corruptions in Oracle7/8/8i/9i/10g/11g (Doc ID 28814.1)

================RMAN RELATED==========================

=>Manual Completion of a Failed RMAN Backup based Duplicate (Doc ID 360962.1)

=>Can RMAN restore from Backupset Copied From Tape? (Doc ID 1111603.1)”


=> RMAN: I/O Slaves and Memory Usage [ID 73354.1]


=> OERR: ORA 19606 Cannot copy or restore to snapshot controlfile (Doc ID 49303.1)

=>Note.413586.1 How To Use RMAN CONVERT DATABASE for Cross Platform Migration

=>414878.1 – Cross-Platform Migration on Destination Host Using Rman Convert Database

=>RMAN restore from autobackup and tape fails with RMAN-06172 [ID 1222443.1]

=>Determining Which Tape(s) RMAN Will Use For A Restore Or Tapes For Specific Backups [ID 1118846.1]

=> RMAN-05548 # skip self-contained check in rman duplicate (Doc ID 1355120.1)

==================Dataguard =====================

=>Message in standby alert*log “No standby redo logfiles created for thread XX” (Doc ID 1595034.1)

=>1514588.1 (Data Guard Physical Standby – Managing temporary tablespace tempfiles).

=> ORA-19527 reported in Standby Database when starting Managed Recovery (Doc ID 352879.1)


=> Oracle Grid Infrastructure: How to Troubleshoot Node Reboots/Evictions or Abrupt Recycle of CRS due to the Escalation of a Member Kill Request to a Node Kill Request ( Doc ID 1549977.1 )
=> Database Instance Hung and One Of RAC Nodes Rebooted as Membership Kill Escalated ( Doc ID 1493110.1 )

=> Reconfiguring & Recreating The 11gR2/12cR1 Restart/OHAS/SIHA Stack Configuration (Standalone) / How to Reconfigure Oracle Restart (Doc ID 1422517.1)

=> OCR Placement and Size Specification (Doc ID 1573574.1)

=>ORA-29760: instance_number parameter not specified’ When Starting the Database with Srvctl (Doc ID 749515.1)

=> How to Proceed from Failed Upgrade to 11gR2 Grid Infrastructure on Linux/Unix (Doc ID 969254.1)

=> Steps to Remove Node from Cluster When the Node Crashes Due to OS/Hardware Failure and cannot boot up (Doc ID 466975.1)

=>ORA-15097 Cannot Shutdown ASM if OCR is Located in ASM (Doc ID 984663.1)

=>Rename Diskgroup having OCR , Vote File , ASM SPILE (Doc ID 1335975.1)

=>How To Add/Increase The Size Of Redo Log Files In Rac Environment? [Article ID 779306.1]

=>Recreating the Spfile for RAC Instances Where the Spfile is Stored in ASM (Doc ID 554120.1)

=>ASM Concepts Quick Overview (Doc ID 1086199.1)

=>HowTo Restore RMAN Disk backups of RAC Database to Single Instance On Another Node [Article ID 415579.1]

Troubleshoot Grid Infrastructure Startup Issues (Doc ID 1050908.1)

How To Setup ASM on Linux Using ASMLIB Disks, Raw Devices, Block Devices or UDEV Devices? (Doc ID 580153.1)

OCR / Vote disk Maintenance Operations: (ADD/REMOVE/REPLACE/MOVE) (Doc ID 428681.1)

How to restore ASM based OCR after complete loss of the CRS diskgroup on Linux/Unix systems (Doc ID 1062983.1)

Additional Diskgroups Does Not Get Mounted When SRVCTL Is Used To Start And Shutdown ASM Instance (Doc ID 987904.1)

ASM Diskgroups are not mounted with spfile on ASM on next startup with crsctl command in 11gR2. (Doc ID 1059856.1)

DISKGROUP status ‘OFFLINE’ after CRS restart (Doc ID 1076324.1)

ASM 11gR2 instance Can Not Mount OCR/Voting Diskgroup On RAC. (Doc ID 1095214.1)

Things to Consider Before Upgrading to Grid Infrastructure/ASM (Doc ID 1363369.1)

Database Will Not Mount: ORA-15025, ORA-27041, ‘Permission denied’, ORA-15081 (Doc ID 1378747.1)

OPatch failed with error code 15 in 12C (Doc ID 1964569.1)

Unable to start OHASD after apply of PSU patch. (Doc ID 1562797.1)


Advisor Webcasts: Current Schedule and Archived Recordings (Doc ID 740966.1)


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    Hi Rakesh,

    Is it possible for you to share these doc…it’ll be helpful for me.



  2. RakeshDBA June 5, 2015 / 3:17 pm

    Sorry, My oracle support (MOS) docs are all copy righted by oracle , I am not supposed to copy them in my blog, only users with valid MOS Id can view these documents.


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